Queen of Romania, provoked by Russian attack against Royal Romanian Identity and Values


Regina Margareta Seara Corpului Diplomatic 2019

The Custodian of the Romanian Crown: „All of Russia’s assaults on our security, from the attack on Georgia in 2008 to the attack on Ukraine in 2014 and the Russian military intervention in the Middle East in 2015 happened around our part of the world, around what used to be called NATO’s “Southern Flank”. We boosted our defence budgets and will continue doing so. But we should all remain faithful to our cardinal principle that European security is indivisible; that is the lesson we learnt from the horrors of the past century.»”. 

Denigrarea Ambasadei Ruse 22.11.2019

Russian Embassy in Romania: (own translation) „Mrs. Margaret plays with the big boys, showing concern not only for the security and well-being of its own state, but for at least a half of Eurasia and the whole Euro-Atlantic space. Unfortunately, comparatively to the grandiosity of the plan, the conclusions and solutions proposed proved to be painfully primitive and easy to decipher.”

Royal Central reported yesterday that (source)

Her Majesty Margareta, Custodian of the Romanian Crown, was attacked by the Russian government. The Russian embassy in Romania issued a negative statement on the Romanian royals following Margareta’s warning on Russian aggression in Europe.

This news has now made big headlines in international media and has become a political crisis in Romania. This event has now split the pro-European and pro-Russian political branches in the Romanian political system. Monarchists and supporters of the pro-European branch of Romanian politics have flooded to the Russian Embassy’s Facebook page with patriotic and anti-Russian comments.

Strong voices within several political groups and the very strong royalist movement now require that Romania declare the Russian Ambassador to the country “persona non grata” and force him to return to Russia.

After his attack on Her Majesty Margareta of Romania, the Russian Ambassador to Bucharest was summoned by the Foreign Ministry who „stressed the unacceptable positions of the Russian diplomatic mission and reaffirmed the importance of to avoid any non-constructive rhetoric and to maintain public speech within the limits of diplomatic practice in order to avoid any negative impact on bilateral relations”. The government has officially gave his support to the daughter of King Michael I but will not ask for the return the ambassador in Russia.


Romanian Foreign Affairs (November 26, 2019):

„We called the Russian Ambassador for a discussion. The Romanian part emphasized on the intolerable stance of the Russian diplomatic mission and reaffirmed the importance of avoiding useless rhetoric and and the necessity of maintaining a public discourse in the limits of diplomatic standards, to avoid a negative impact on bilateral relations.”


Political Analists

Iulian ChifuIulian CHIFU (President of the Center for Conflict Prevention and Early Warning, former presidential advisor):

„The Custodian of the Romanian Crown had a very well-funded (in Romanian history and official state position) stance. The Romanian Foreign Ministry should admonish the Russian Ambassador and, because he isn’t at his first great error, even obtain his recall.”


Ovidiu Raetchi.jpgOvidiu RAETCHI (Vice-president of the Defense Commission from the Romanian Chamber of Deputies):

„I think this is a good opportunity for the Russian Ambassador to understand a simple truth, that is evident: the Custodian of the Romanian Crown expresses a generalized sentiment of doubt and mistrust. We had lived along our history such moments when Soviet commissaries imposed their will upon Romanian dignitaries – and we very well know the price of such attitudes”.

Iulia Scantei Regina MargaretaIulia SCÂNTEI (Vice-president of the Juridic Commission of the Romanian Senate):

„I remind the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Bucharest that the History of the Romanian Royal Family is part of the history of the Romanian people and must be respected, and the Custodian of the Romanian Crown continues to express the same vision as His Majesty King Michael I, regarding certain historical periods that marked the diplomatic relations between Romania and Russia.”

Mihai Chirica Regina MargaretaMihai CHIRICA (Jassy Mayor):

„I totally agree with the declarations of Her Majesty Margareta – one of the best friends of my city. The Hitler-Stalin Pact from 1939, denounced by the European Parliament, including Germany in 2019, was an expression of totalitarian imperialism and a vile theft of Romanian territories. USSR showed its true face since the beginning, but especially after the end of WW2, when the entire Eastern Europe fell under Bolshevik Democracy. Unfortunately, the diseases of Communism – lies, demagogy, imposture – still make victims, still create monsters.”

12Dorin CHIRTOACĂ (former Mayor of Chişinău, capital of the Republic of Moldavia):

„Her Majesty Margareta held her speech like a true head of state, discourse which the dignitaries of the state lack.”

gheorghe-andrei-danielDaniel GHEORGHE (Romanian deputy, member of the National Liberal Party):

„I believe the Ambassador of the Russian Federation is obliged to present public excuses for this new suburban Soviet-type attack, written in a style that reminds us of the Communist Russia propaganda”.

George SIMION (an advocate for the Unification of Romania and MoldovaParty Leader, ):

„Russia does what it always did. It’s aggressive, tries to silence those that reveal the truth. I’m curious where the people promoting Russia as an alternative are hiding now. The only real truth is Greater Romania. You can sign here.

George Simion si Regina

George Simion (middle) with Her Majesty Margareta, Custodian of the Romanian Crown, in the Romanian Parliament with the occasion of the centenary of Bessarabia’s union with the Kingdom of Romania, March 27, 2018. He obtained 1% of the votes of the Romanian citizens in the elections for the European Parliament in Romania as an independent. Known for his monarchist stance.


Radu Tudor (Antena 3): USSR via KGB: The Russian Embassy attacks, like in 1947, the Royal House of Romania

„Valery Kuzmin distinguished himself in anti-Romanian Soviet-like campaigns while being Russian Ambassador in Chişinău, bringing homages to the Bolshevik crimes from Stalin to Putin. This propaganda is dangerous and must be dealt with.”

Civil Society 

20.8 ANRM

The National Alliance for the Restoration of Monarchy, the main monarchist association in Romania:

„The Russian Ambassador must be recalled. He offended the Romanian Crown, a symbol of our statesmanship”. 

 “We can say, without being mistaken, that when Russia or its agents attack, criticise and insult the members of the Romanian Royal Family, that our country is on the right path of history. We remain confident that Romania will return to the traditional form of government, the constitutional monarchy. Finally, we wish that the unpleasant situation created by the last statements of the Russian Embassy in Bucharest should not be repeated. In this regard, we ask the President of Romania, to declare the Russian Ambassador to Bucharest, Valery Kuzmin, ‘persona non-grata’ and send him back to Russia.”

Public Petition:

Dignity and Romanian Royalty. Attitude for the National Day of Romania, 1st December 

Daniel Şandru.jpgDaniel ŞANDRU (University teacher):

„Kuzmin, Russian Ambassador in Romania, recently made a great impertinence through his declaration about Her Majesty Margareta, Custodian of the Romanian Crown. The Russians seem to allow themselves to say anything about our history. Moreover, some Romanian comics, like other amoral people from other times, that support the iliberal trend coming from Moscow. The new president and the Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry should quote Creangă about Kuzmin: „Pasol na turbinca, vidma!” They should declare him a „non grata person”. We are an European and NATO state. Can we put the Russians back to their place?”

Valerian Stan.jpg

Valerian STAN (Human Rights Activists):

„If Moscow wishes to receive other than hateful sentiments from the Romanian people, for the great injustices it brought us, it should show that she truly wishes to repair together the harm it had done us.”


Tudor VIŞAN-MIU (Historian):

„I’m outraged. This won’t be a storm in a cup of water: it will be a hurricane that will reveal the true extent of Russian influence and propaganda in Romania”.

Mădălin HodorReply: Mădălin HODOR (Researcher):

I saw a bit late this new aggression from the Embassy of the Russian Federation. After mocking us with a 1 Leu donation for Brâncusi’s opera, after trying to convince us that the Soviet troops entered Romania to bring peace and calm, after mocking the declarations of the Defense Minister, that they compared with a madman and suggested he’ll end up jumping out of the window, we now see a new insult that is inadmissible at a diplomatic level.

International Press

Royal Central UK (November 25, 2019): Margareta, Custodian of the Romanian Crown, attacked by Russian Government

[Her Majesty] Margareta is a great advocate for a strong European coloration and to bring Romania closer to the western world. In her speech she said: “We wholeheartedly support NATO’s current efforts to boost the defences of our Baltic allies; their security remains our security. I also salute the contributions of our allies in the defence of Romania.” (…)

NATO-member Romania and Russian has the recent years had some tense relations. In 1992 and 1993, relations between the two were especially strained when they backed opposite sides in the Transnistria conflict. Romania is part of NATO, which Russia views in a highly negative light. As one primary Russian geopolitical objective has been expansion of its influence into the Balkan Peninsula the two sides became more often adversaries than partners. About 30.000 Russians live in Romania and 5.300 Romanians live in Russia.

Romanian Press


DC News (November 25, 2019): The Russian Embassy offences the Her Majesty Margareta. „Russia defies Romania”

Newstandard (November 25, 2019): Her Majesty Margareta, attacked harshly by the Russian Embassy: „She decided to play with the big boys”. Reactions. 

Evenimentul Zilei Monden (November 25, 2019): Princess Margareta, offended by the Russian Embassy in Bucharest: „Mrs. Margareta”. What made Moscow angry

România Tv (November 25, 2019): Her Majesty Margareta: „Russia defies Romania” [misquote]

Cotidianul (November 25, 2019): Her Majesty Margareta: „Russia defies Romania” [misquote]

B1 Tv (November 25, 2019): Russian Embassy, fake news champion, attacks the Royal Family: Princess Margareta, harshly criticized for the strong stance against Moscow aggresions. 

Universul (November 25, 2019): Her Majesty Margareta, furiously attacked by the Russian Embassy for defending NATO and the EU: „Grave historical fears”

Deschide.md (November 25, 2019): Chief of the Royal House of Romania, attacked by the Russian Embassy in Bucharest for a speech

Universul (November 25, 2019): EXCLUSIVE | Historian: When Russian criticizes the Romanian Royal Family members, it can only mean they are on the right track

Activenews (November 25, 2019): The Russian Embassy attacks Princess Margareta: „The Custodian of the Crown decided to play with the big boys”. Romanian Deputy: „I believe the ambassador of the Russian Federation must present public excuses.”

Ştiri pe surse (November 25, 2019): VIDEO. Russia attacks Margareta, Custodian of the Romanian Crown, after Thursday Speech: „The historical and geopolitical fears of the Romanian Throne Custodian”.

Evenimentul Zilei (November 25, 2019): Aggressive Russian attack against the Royal House of Romania. Anti-Romanian campaign

PETITION: https://www.petitieonline.com/demnitatea-regala

DC News (November 25, 2019): Petition against Russia after its attack against Her Majesty Margareta. Romanians ask for action.

Epoca (November 25, 2019): Multiple organizations and civil society members take a stand regarding the press release of the Russian Embassy


DC News (November 25, 2019): Romanian monarchists, request to Romanian President: Russian Ambassador in Bucharest, non-grata person 

Radio France Internationale (November 25, 2019): Romanian monarchists ask the Romanian President to declare the Russian Ambassador a non-grata person 

Ştiri pe surse (November 25, 2019): Romanian President is asked to declare Russian Ambassador non-grata person: Everything started from the declaration against Her Majesty Margareta.

Flux 24 (November 25, 2019): Monarchists expect from the Romanian President to expel Russian Ambassador

Deschide.md (November 25, 2019): Romania | Russian Ambassador in Bucharest, asked to be declared non-grata person 

Infoprut (November 25, 2019): Request to Romanian President: „Declare Valeri Kuzmin non-grata person”.

BP News (November 25, 2019): Romanian monarchists ask the Romanian President to declare Valery Kuzmin a non-grata person 


Kuzmin and the Queen - Romanian Royal Memes

„Her Majesty courageously defends the interests of the Romanian State.”

Russian Ambassador: „This is Russian propaganda, Russia isn’t guilty of anything.”

Her Majesty: „You’re joking, right?”.

Hold on for update.

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