Madman claims he is a bastard son of King Michael and one of his daughters, outraging all Romanian monarchists.

CNA - Caracini3
Jean-Francois Caraccini was promoted on Romanian Television gossip channel „Romania Tv” on the evening of 2nd January, outraging the Romanian monarchists. Here is why no one sane can believe him:
1. Jean-Francois Caracci claims he was born in 1981 and that he is an offspring of an incestuous relation between King Michael of Romania and his fourth daughter, Princess Sophie. His claims are slander that contradict everything we know about King Michael, who was a very good Christian, with the highest standard of morality, as well as about Princess Sophie, who is now suspected of something absolutely preposterous.

2. Jean-Francois Caracci claims he was born in 1981 in Ceauşescu’s Romania, grew up in an orphanage in Romania and was adopted by the Italian family Carraccini in 1984 or 1986. The adoption may have been possible, but it is impossible he was born in Ceauşescu’s Romania, because Princess Sophie had never been there until January 1990, after the fall of Communism. It is clear for everyone that, if the members of the Romanian Royal Family, King Michael, Queen Anne or their daughters, the Princesses, ever attempted to visit Ceauşescu’s Romania, their lives would have been at risk. King Michael was exiled from Communist Romania in January 1948 until April 1992.
3. Jean-Francois Caracci claims he made a DNA test „that he say with his own eyes”, but he doesn’t have it. It is clear that this DNA test was never made, because King Michael, Princess Sophie and the other members of the Royal Family would have refused it.
CNA - Caracini2
4. Jean-Francois Caracci claims he was recognized by the Greco-Catholic Ukrainean Church on June 12, 2017. This is completely ridiculous. Metropolitan Leonide or Michel Laroche, Ukrainean Metropolite of Paris and the whole French, have nothing to do with this, the only source involving them being an uknown priest named Dominique Herschko).
CNA - Caracini5.jpg
5. Jean-Francois Caracci uses the names of the royal families of Greece and Denmarck  (Prince Jean-François de Grèce & du Danemark et la Princesse Bénédicte de Grèce & du Danemark). This may be offensive to the two royal families and could provoke a diplomatic scandal that would affect Romania’s image abroad.
6. Jean-Francois Caracci claims to be high master of the Order of the Resurrected Prince („L’Ordre du Prince Ressuscité”). The order is made up.

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