National gathering of Romanian Monarchists on May 10th, 2016, at Sinaia


The National Alliance for the Restoration of the Monarchy (ANRM) made the following press release:

2016 marks the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Romanian Dynasty. This year, Romanians will also celebrate one hundred years since their Royal Army have crossed the Carpathian Mountains to liberate Transylvania and begun the process of unification of the whole nation under the Steel Crown.

In this context, the leaders of the National Alliance for the Restoration of the Monarchy (ANRM) have decided to make a new public call for solidarity among monarchists in Romania and Moldova. All Romanian people and organizations that share the ideal of restoration of the Monarchy will be invited to attend the Extraordinary Congress of the National Alliance for the Restoration of the Monarchy, which will take place on May 10th, in Sinaia. The congress will stand under the symbol of unity, under the motto of senior politician Corneliu Coposu: ”We negotiate anything but principles”.

By May, the National Alliance for the Restoration of Monarchy will be presided by co-chairs Cătălin Șerban (Bucharest) and Valentin Lungu (Cluj). For impartiality, none of them will run for the president or co-president office at the forecoming Congress internal elections. The two co-chairs will be seconded by the new interim General Secretary of the National Alliance for the Restoration of the Monarchy, Dan Nicodim (Prahova).

„Our unity is imperative. It must be built onto unwavering loyalty towards His Majesty King Michael I of Romania and to members of the Royal Family, as well as onto courageous, permanent affirmation of truth. I wish that years to come find us all healthy, and that God enlightens both those remaining in ANRM and those who chose to temporarily withdraw, on the right path towards the fulfillment of national ideals of restoration of Monarchy and union with Moldova”, said Cătălin Șerban.

„I agreed to temporarily endorse the office of co-chairman of the National Alliance for the Restoration of the Monarchy in order to resume efforts aimed at reconciling all currents of Romanian monarchist movement. In this regard, I am addressing a firm invitation to Monarchist Clubs, to other associations aimed at the restoration of Monarchy and to those colleagues in ANRM which have yet made a step back and whom we are grateful for the work done so far. We welcome all to the unifying Congress in Sinaia. I wish to remind our fellows the opening words of the letter that the Polish bishops – among them His Holiness Pope St. John Paul II – addressed to their German counterparts for reconciliation: <<We ask and offer forgiveness>>. We too ask and offer forgiveness to our colleagues”, said Valentin Lungu.

The Board also reaffirmed the National Alliance for the Restoration of the Monarchy’sutmost openess towards Romanian citizens abroad, inviting them to join the ideals of Romanian Royal tradition.

In addition, the Alliance leaders reiterated the decision of not participating in political disputes. ANRM will not endorse any political party in 2016’s local and general elections. Instead, it asks all political actors in Romania and Moldova to support a Pact for Good Governance. This pact will include topics such as the rule of law, judicial independence, freedom of conscience and freedom of the press, moral integrity for politicians, non-discriminatory access to public services (such as education and health), and the right of people to live in a healthy environment.

So help us God!

Long live The King!

Board of ANRM


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